Armanda Pransika S.H.

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Armanda Pransika S.H.

Armanda Pransika S.H.


Armanda has about eight years of working experience  as advocate and legal researcher.

2013 – 2015 Armanda worked at Q-bar association as forestry policy and conflict resolution specialist. Specifically, Armanda conduct action/field researches in social forestry sector and issue policy papers to government authorities both at local and national level.

2015-2016 Armanda as a legal drafter for PERLUDEM (Democracy and Election Association). Achievements including drafting of local officials election law; drafting of general election law and drafting of general election commission body/regulations. In addition, Armanda was also able to propose draft of local officials election law and general election law to the President through Ministry of Internal Affairs and Legislation Body of Parliament.

2016 – 2017 Armanda worked at Vino Oktavia Mancun and Associates as intern. He was tasked to draft legal memorandum, legal opinion and litigation documents. He was also involved in interviewing witnesses and prospective clients.

2018 – 2020 Armanda worked at Handra Darwin & Partner as Associate Counsellor. As Associate Counsellor, drafting letter to clients, law enforcement agencies and opponent; writing legal opinion, contract drafts and contract review for clients and representing clients in and out of the court.



Faculty of Law, University of Andalas, Padang, 2013



  • Roadmap toward Adat Law related to Forestry in West Sumatera, Obar Association, 2013
  • Apakah Nagari siap Menghadapi Undang-Undang Desa, Obar Association, 2013
  • Pluralisme Hukum kaum Imbang Langik dalam mengelola.tanah pusako, Obar Association, 2013


  • Menjerat Pencuri Start,, 2015;
  • Membaca Surat Sakti Bawaslu,, 2015.




  1. Dana Kampanye Pilkada: Pengaturan Teknis Tentang Sumbangan, Pengeluaran, Dan Pelaporan Berdasarkan UU No 1/2015 dan UU No 8/2015. (Perludem, 2015);
  2. Menata Ulang Jadwal Pilkada (Perludem, 2015);
  3. Kodifikasi Undang-Undang Pemilu (Perludem, 2015).